Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Foods that begin with P!

One hears a lot about cravings during pregnancy. I'm not sure that I buy the whole "send your husband across town to Taco Bell at 2 in the morning" imagery, but I definitely know there are foods that I like better than others (or want more than others right now). What makes a craving though? Does it mean you must get to that food come hell or high water, or that you simply would prefer to have that food over any other? At this point, I'd have to say that IF what I'm having are cravings, they fall more in the category of the latter. And oddly enough my foods of preference seem to all begin with the letter P! Pizza (of the french bread variety especially) was the first food that I noticed I've gravitated too more than usual thus far. It has gotten me out of a few bad dinner binds where either nothing else looks or smells good, or the table is spilling over with a Mediterranean feast that this diversity-hating baby rejected.
The second food would be popcorn. This one has kind of snuck up on me. I just realized today actually that I have an abnormal connection with popcorn right now. Last Monday I was at a statewide Genetics summit. The afternoon snack was bowls of popcorn, pretzels, and something else that was too insignificant to me to remember. My friend Jackie got me my own bowl from another table. It might've come to blows between me and a hefty nurse across the table who kept trying to inch the bowl away from me. Raj can vouch for the fact that it's best for him to not come hungry to Desperate Housewives, which has also become popcorn 'sharing' time. The realization came today when our Director brought gourmet popcorn to our staff meeting for Staff Appreciation week. No one touched it during the meeting, but this afternoon after clinic I (alone) ate nearly 3/4 of the small(ish) tub of butter flavor popcorn! It's addicting I tell you!
The latest food would be pickles. I feel so very cliche. We had watched this Unwrapped on FoodTV about the biggest and the best foods, and it highlighted a market in Houston that is something like 1000 sq foot of food products. Raj and I had gone to Jungle Jim's in Cincy once and gotten this outstanding garlic pickle. Somehow on Sunday in the grocery store that pickle came up, and next thing I knew we were racing off to the pickle aisle. Raj wouldn't let me get a big jar (something about my tastes being unpredictable) and we've almost gone through the entire jar already. As a matter of fact, I had one right before I sat down to type this blog.
My aversions are far less exciting. Beef is not my friend right now. Nor is anything ethnic or with too much flavor or spices. I hear that can change, so I'll just have to keep you posted.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Happy Mommy's Day

I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day as the recipient today! My dear sweet husband and my sweet neighbor had been scheming form some time regarding this. Those 2 boys almost got themselves caught several times trying to weave their web of mystery, but Emily (my friend and neighbor who is 28 weeks pregnant) and I just thought they were being weird and never questioned them too much. Today Raj told me that he wanted me to take it easy and not be too tired because he was taking me on a date to the Pita House. I appreciated the guesture, as I was a bit tired today but had planned on doing some yard work. However, the Pita House was where we got food for Raj's bday, and that was a colassal disaster. I usually love Mediterranean/Greek food, but the spices are way too much for me right now. I ended up having a french bread pizza while Raj ate his fill of tabouleh, gyros, falafel, etc. I was a little taken aback that that is where he wanted to take me to dinner, but just figured whatever. His heart was in the right place. Turns out that I developed a pretty bad headache this afternoon from watching Raj do yardwork (and yes, I sat on a lawn chair, under an umbrella while I watched :) ). Around 5 I told him I didn't think I wanted to go out to dinner and he told me we had 6:30 reservations at Noto's (VERY ritzy Italian restaurant) with Adam and Emily as a Mother's day celebration for us. Isn't that sweet? We had a great meal, and the boys even got us gift certificates to a salon for manicures and pedicures. I am so lucky to be married to such a great guy.
I also have a secret about tonight. I wore maternity pants. They were definitely too big, but it was a nice change from my tightening normal pants :) They were a cute pair of capris (and under-belly pair so not obviously maternity). My normal capris were in the first round of pants to be sent by the way-side. I was relieved that these maternity pants are a few weeks away from fitting normally, but I was able to hide it with a button down shirt. Again, it turned out to not be as traumatic as I expected. I'm officially in the 2nd trimester now, and let's not forget that Twiglet has begun playing catch-up, and is measuring a week ahead.
It has been a great weekend all in all. Amy and Rick were here Friday night and Saturday. It was awesome that they came out of their way to visit, and we had a blast with them. The weather was gorgeous today, and Raj made a big dent in the new flower beds we're putting in. We had done the cleaning Thursday night, so that's not hanging over our heads. Tomorrow is supposed to rain, so we'll probably just relax and of course call our Moms to wish them a happy day. Life is good.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More peeking

Another day, another ultrasound! This one was very educational. I'll try not to be a genetics geek, but I will educate you briefly here. Down syndrome screening is something that gets a lot of attention during pregnancy. Traditionally, 2nd trimester maternal serum sampling and ultrasound markers are used. More recently though, it has been determined that the nuchal translucency (NT) (thickness of the nuchal fold (back of baby's neck) is one of the most sensitive markers for Down syndrome. And it is measurable between 10-14 weeks gestation roughly. Sonographers have to be certified to take this measurement, and there is one governing body that certifies. There is currently 1 ultrasonagrapher in West MI who is certified. Another sonogr. in her office is trying to get certified (that was yesterday's and tomorrow's ultrasounds). 2-3 other sonographers in another practice I counsel for are also trying to get certified. That was today's ultrasound. They were much more verbal with me as they were looking, so I learned a lot about what makes a good measurement.
I also learned more about my body and the baby. For one thing, I've been stressing out about feeling like I have a 'baby bump' already. Today I find out that that's because my uterus is 'severly anteverted'. Hence, it's sticking forward practically perpendicular to my body! Only when my bladder is full does it flatten our parallel. Comfy, eh? :) I was tipped down at a 45 degree angle with my head down for most of the ultrasound. The baby likes to float on his head too. It looks funny. S/he had the hiccups today as well. It's too bad there are no take-home ultrasound machines that you can buy and then sit around laughing at night about all the silly things the baby can do already. We got more pix (my take home token thank you for letting coworkers prod me for an hour). I will try to get those scanned at our neighbor's and up soon.
My energy is back a little, I've noticed. Nausea comes and goes, soon I hope to be over that hump! Energy or no energy, tomorrow comes early, andI have many patients. I gotta get my beauty rest :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A peek from the outside

I had another ultrasound today. I was looking forward to it because the day sucked and I thought it would brighten my spirits to see Twiglet. My uterus is starting to rise upwards though, and the ultrasound tech was killing the tendons in my pelvis that have been super sore lately. I was happy to get out of there. I did get some good pix again. We have another one of the baby's arm and hand in great detail. I think it means he'll be a famous OSU quarterback....he just wanted to show us his throwing arm already :) (I'll have to apologize if it turns out to be a girl!). I have another ultrasound tomorrow AND Thursday. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm a bit tired of them. I feel like I have to help these women (coworkers) get certified in this first trimester ultrasound marker though. The heart rate was 176 today, and the baby was 53 mm long. S/he wasn't interested in moving around too much and then all of a sudden was jiving all over. We stopped the ultrasound when s/he was standing on its head completely vertical. I measured 12.1 weeks today, so I think I'm officially over my fear of first trimester miscarriage. Yay! :)
I need to give myself a few 'to do's' so that I don't let this fall by the wayside:
1) Actually let you people know this exists
2) Get Raj to help me put up some pictures or something more personalized
3) Not be too tired to share all my wonderful insight. There's tons of stuff I can write on...the shopping trip, my aversion to beef, the fact that I'm a total carbivore again after over a year of South Beach living....
Actually, I think I will go work on objective #1!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A place of my own

I didn't plan on having my own blog. Well, that's not entirely true. Initially I thought it would be great....a way to let my loved ones who are far away experience this miracle of life with me. Then suddenly I became aware of such realities as nausea, painful breasts, and worry about miscarriage. I became shy. We're celebrating the end of the first trimester shortly, and I again have the burning desire to share this experience. My younger sisters especially ask me some funny questions. I ask a lot of questions too to my friends who've already had children. I have a few great coworker/friends who are very upfront about sharing the realities of their pregnancies and deliveries. Stuff you won't read about in What To Expect When You're Expecting. It's great to hear about it but the day to day stuff remains a mystery. Every experience is different though, so what the hell...this site is dedicated to my sisters and friends who might want to know some of this stuff!
I have to give 2 special shout-outs in this first post...my Sister MA for giving me the title. In vivo means within a living organism btw, in case some people were not aware of the definition. The 2nd shout is to my sister MJ for being here this weekend and shopping for maternity clothes. That will be a posting all its own. For now, I must go pretend like I was useful around the house while my dear Hub is at the grocery store.